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The whole world is a beautiful place. It has different climate, weather, different topography and region. Different places have different climate. Climate differs with change in place, topography, latitude and longitude. People are fond of travelling different places with best climatic region. As the place changes, there location and weather also changes. Some have good location to view where any can get relaxed and forget their worries.

People like to travel to different places during their vacation with their family and relatives to get relax and to get some free time for their own life. They seek for the good place where they can spend their holiday and enjoy freely without any problem. It is believed that when the weather is good the mood automatically becomes good. So, people like to enjoy their vacation in a place where there is good weather. And here are some of the three best places with best weather to travel around the world and they are:

This place is the first choice of anyone to travel around the world regarding best weather. Its temperature is 71.6 to 57.2 degree Fahrenheit. People like to visit this place because it has gorgeous, mild climate throughout the year. During summer, San Diego receives temperature of 71.6 degree Fahrenheit and 57.2 degree Fahrenheit in winter season. The city is one of the best U.S. destination for beach activities as it gets over 300 sunny day every year. There are 33 beaches in San Diego which offers a number of water sports and other attractions for the visitors. Generally, the winter in San Diego start in December and end in February where the City is less crowded and is best time to experience other views.

It is one of another famous and best place with pleasant subtropical-Mediterranean climate. It is the Spanish city with most favorable weather throughout the year. Malaga city is also famous for its warmest winters than any other European cities. The city is mild in winter and temperature ranges between 62.6 and 66.2degree Fahrenheit. It is one of the oldest city in the world, founded in 8th century by the Phoenicians. Malaga enjoys plenty of sunshine throughout the year, with an average of about 300 days of sunshine and only about 50 days with precipitation annually. Large fluctuation in temperature are rare. The city is one of the important tourist area. People from different part of the world get attracted to this place because of its beauty and most favorable climate and weather.

It is also one of the famous cities of Spain which has got the best climate and weather. It is the second-best place in the world. Canary Islands are located at the west coast of the Africa. It consists of 7 main islands and a number of islets. The weather here is moderate and suitable for all kind of tourist. It has got mild climate throughout the year. Main specification is the climate remains the same whole the year. There is somewhat minor changed in climate which is not so effective. The summer season in this island is not so much hot rather it is warm, and winter here is mild. The temperature ranges from 62.6 to 75.2 degree Fahrenheit. There are 7 main islands in Canary Island among which Tenerife islands which is also known as ‘Island of eternal spring is most popular islands because of its pleasant climate.

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