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Every years, the different online games are launching in different pattern. But not all games are equally good and interesting.  Games are very useful to utilize your free time and some time it becomes your friend when you feel alone. Here is the list of top five online games played in 2016.

League of legends:

This is one of the best games of 2016. By playing this game you can stay whole night.  It is very interesting games. The League of Legends is at top position in the list of most popular online games. It is a multiplayer online game. League of Legends is developed and launch by Roit Games for Microsoft Windows and Mac OSX. And it was release on October 27, 2009. According to some research this game is played by more than 27 million people every day.  In the world about 21% online game player wants to play this game.  This game is popular due to its picture quality also.

World of Warcraft:

Another most played game of 2016 is World of Warcraft.  In the list of top five most playing games of 2016 these games occupied second positions. This is popular all most all countries in the world.  This game is firstly developing by Bizzard Entertainment.  And this game holds the record of most subscriber game. Mostly online game lover play this game once in a day. It has more than 10 million subscribers. This is very interesting game due to its color and technology uses


Dota 2 is developing by one of the very famous online game developer Valve Corporation.  This is another very popular online game which can attract so Many players every day.  Due to its creative art and picture quality makes the person more attractive. Different study about top five games shows that Dota 2 is in third position. It has becomes the most actively played game, all most 800,000 people play this game every day in the world.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive:

This is the first online person shooter game. This game take fourth position in top five most played games of 2016.  This game is totally different from other games. You can stay whole night by playing this game.  This is very interesting game in online game group.  It was develop and released by Valve Corporation and Hidden Path Entertainment in August 21, 2012. In terms of popularity this is most played online game.it is one of the bestselling video game of 2016. One of the best playing games of 2016

Diablo III:

From the beginning of this game releases date this game collect a lot more player every day. One of the best game developers Bizzard Entertainment develops this game in 2012. This is the action role playing game. Different age groups of players are active to play this wonderful online game. When released in 2012 Diablo III set a new record for fastest-selling PC game by selling 3.5 million copies in the first 24 hours. In the year 2012 this game was hold the record of best-selling video game with more than 12 million copies during the year. Mostly people like to play this game due to its sound quality also.
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