Ad-blocker says it can still block Facebook ads597

Author: InfoBeep - August 3, 2017 | subject to copyright

One of the hot news of technology is Ad-blocking software. After the announcement of this decision from Facebook it becomes the topic for discussion. Actually it has both effects negative as well as positive. This decision makes confusion about status posting and ads posting on Facebook. Facebook is not agreeing with ads blocking companies.  They publish one statement regarding this subject matter. They say that ads blocking companies are punishing the people on Facebook.

It is easy way to make the ads on Facebook comparing to other social media. It has both advantage and disadvantage. Facebook had taken dark path and take the decision of starting ad-blocking users. And it is also describe as the cat and mouse game by Ad-blocking users. But the Facebook founders explain that this is not good for people.

After its action Facebook founder is not happy and he mentions that it is better to develop new software rather using it. To control the Facebook add the next option should be given to the Facebook users. It is true that most of the revenue collection of internet is advertisement on their page. But the bad effect will be seen in the case of Facebook by this technology.

Facebook earn more money from various kinds of internet advertising on Facebook. It is going to continue for a long time this will create a big problem. There are two kinds of opinions about Ad-blocking system. Some people say that is it good to block unnecessary Facebook advertisement. And in next side some users are disagree with this decision.

Definitely it can help to filter the necessary and unnecessary advertisement on Facebook. Sometime people are disagreeing about the excessive charge on different accounts.  Free assessment is not always good for all Internets due to its misuse. It has both advantage and disadvantage.

Ad- blocking plus claim that more than 100 million people use its tools every month. Another very important point is that Facebook could still acknowledge re-circumvent its blocker at any time. Many online publisher and media are using Facebook for their advertisements. Facebook users are very close to all the service provides by its network. But now some of the people are commenting in different way on the post of Facebook and Ad-blocking software.

Facebook is disagreeing with the action of the Ad-blocking companies. They said that Ad-blocking company are not just blocking the Facebook adds rather they are punishing the people on Facebook. Also they mentions that they are planning to settle all this issue. They are thinking in a different way.

The reason of Ad-blocking on Facebook is ineffective advertisement on such a famous social media. But all this matter wants to solve by Facebook itself. But Ad blocks plus is already clear that they are ready for battle.    After all this things it is true that Facebook doesn’t exist without ads. All ads are the primary sources of Facebook revenue for its existences. But some people are keeping positive opinion about the Ad-blockers to maintain the privacy in websites and internet.

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