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There are lots of excellent things that the business can do to get advantage from social web customer service business intelligence and creating awareness to name a few. One of the most general business problems is where to start business marketing today I would like to launch the best few level idea which helps you to advertise your business.  The main social media market is Facebook, While Facebook is undeniably essential; Facebook is best and simply place for advertising, any organization.

Why Facebook is best social platform for business

Facebook is like a gambling addiction.   facebook user tend to enjoy content sharing, such as they post daily tour and days what they did where they were gone, in which restaurant they have tired, and the photo they visited while social network works to connect people, they way the Facebook user and their comment and share are the best and good way to promote it has positive effect on advertising. Therefore to become successful in Facebook marketing, they should advertise or promote their brand and service among their audience on the facebook network, this also a good way to spread goodwill rapidly, you can’t neglect Facebook. It is huge and famous but in many ways, it is the most strenuous platform to cruise.

  • To really succeed, you must be an informal brand or become one (not easy or low/cheap).
  • facebook keep you far from spending lots of money  and efforts  to make the crowd of an audience
  • While Facebook seems simple and easy but it’s not. You probably required spending a lot on quality, promotion, or both to get content onto a timeline.

If you are prominence or a precious and established brand in your group, Facebook may be the perfect.

 In what we would get advantage from Twitter, Instagram, Google pulse and Pinterest


is not as straightforward as it may show up. In spite of the fact that you are limited to 140 characters, it can be little difficult making something meaningful in that little space.

Twitter remains alone in its capacity to make a huge, relevant crowd rapidly since you can’t target gatherings of followers with messages (at least yet), it now and then feels like you are throwing a message out to a big noiseless world. The platform is extraordinary at making beginning connections which can prompt reliable on another platform like a blog or podcast.


one reason this app is so famous because it so easy to use. Snap a photograph and post. This is one reason that Instagram is utilized at work more than some other platform (85% of its clients do as such!). Actually, it is most likely one of a kind among platform in its chance to make a connection with relatively little work. Another point of reference is that there is no timetable altering. Each Instagram user has an equivalent possibility of seeing what you post. However, similar to Twitter


is the only platform in the box of “low work, high achievement.” Primarily, you are making audience worth by curating content (rather than making content) from the different sources on the Web into logical pages that will motivate and distract. And if you do a great job with curation, exceptionally you can build a very loyal audience.


Google+ has an estimated 300 million active user. It is the second most actively used social network; however, the reason behind the use of Google+ is to improve SEO result for your business. Even when none of your client uses Google+ itself, so keep in mind Google+ actively directly affects SEO. It is fact and we can’t ignore that Google+ is growing at rapid pace. Google+ is extra social network than others, it has some unique features which are not available in other social networks. So what we advise businesses here is that you may want to hate or like Google+, but you shouldn’t ignore it.

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