Chinese 1007 dancing robots make a new world record.810

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We see robots in different science fiction movies but we think it is difficult to have same in reality. But now, robotic technology is being challenged and innovated every second. China is highly investing in such robotics and developing wide varieties of these. There are many events when different companies show their development in robotics publicly to grab public attention. I would like to share one recent event regarding it.

Ever Win Company

Ever Win Company of China created the record of most number of synchronized robot dancers. It is one of the most famous robotics company in China. It has been working to develop different forms of small robots since long. This time it has come up with robot dancers. The event took place in the last weekend of July, 2016. It was done on the occasion of Qingdao Beer Festival in Shandong, China. The company assembled 1040 robots for dance and started to function them. Out of this, 33 could not last for entire 1 minute. But, the robots were counted only if it could dance more than 1 minute. So, they finally made the record of 1007 synchronized robot dancers. Now, the company have their name listed in Guinness World Record.

Set Record

Ever Win company have broken the previous record of 540 synchronized robot dancers. The previous record was made by UBTECH Robotics Corp. of China. They had made the record in February 2016 and it has not even lasted 6 months. This shows how rapidly robotics is growing.

Ever Win Company had themselves produced and programmed these robots. These robots are named QRC-2 robots. The company’s main aim behind creating this record is to gain recognition by using Viral Marketing. The video of the robot dancers has been popular in the social media sites in the week of release. This has shaped interesting rumor among the public regarding company and its products. Also, the company aims to sell these robots as an attraction point in different events. They believe that these robots would grab attention when placed in any event by its buyers.


An interesting thing out this record is that a single mobile device controlled all these robots. The technicians designed these robots with special encryption technology to reduce radio interference from phones and any other Bluetooth devices. Any interference would have effected synchronization creating failures. Mr. QuanJinyou, Chief Technology Officer, mentioned that this was a major challenge in operating these robots. They have overcome this challenge only due to the special encryption used in the robots.

Such type of inventions and development are changing the way human do things. With the rapid growth in robotics, you can even doubt that how long will this record last. It might be that a new record has been formed while you are reading this article!

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