How to import Articles from Google Docs to WordPress Website Post?642

Author: InfoBeep - August 3, 2017 | subject to copyright

Amazing how much easier if the Google docs document is automatically imported to your blog post on WordPress site. It will be very good for busy life.

Today we are going to have a deep look at the automatic process by WordPress that will bring all of your Google docs as a blog post on your WordPress website.

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Lets’ Start:

To get started with the whole process, you have to install the addon in your chrome browser called for Google Docs.

  • This plugin will exactly work with you text formatting and styling on Google Docs but you have to allow the plugin to have to access your WordPress. To integrate the Plugin you have to open the google docs
  • document and go to Add-ons > for Google Docs > Open.
  • Click on Authorize & this will open a new tab
  • You need to select your blog for which you wish to give access & click on Authorize.
  • Click on Approve.

Once you approve it will be redirected to WordPress Login page. Login to your WordPress Blog & connect to your Jet-pack powered WordPress to the addon.

Once you have done it. There you have to set the Jet-pack as per your requirement and conditions followed by set up window in WordPress.

Some of the important notes:

  • If you edit images in Google Docs (crop or rotate), those edits won’t be reflected on WordPress.
  • Comments made by you or the author on Google Docs will not be imported.
  • If you remove an image from your Google Doc & click on Update Draft, this won’t delete the image from your blog’s server.

If someone will write for your blog and you will get via Google Docs this optimization will save you time a lot and you will definitely find it very useful.

We have attached the youtube instruction videos along this article that will guide you step by step to the complete process and settings.

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