Increase your email subscription via Social Media in WordPress915

Author: InfoBeep - August 3, 2017 | subject to copyright

Social media has been an awesome platform for many businesses today as it makes the customer engaged with their products and services. But still, email marketing is the one which no other means has been able to beat when it comes to engagement. Email marketing generates 38 times more than investment.

Here, in this section, we would like to focus on how to use social media to boost Email subscribers. First of all, you need 3 of these things:

  • Your own website or blog for the work
  • Email marketing service
  • Lead generation software

Different ways you can collect email addresses

  • Collect Email Address from Facebook page

To get subscribers from Facebook you can add Sign Up button to your Facebook page.

Step 1: Click on Add a Button as shown in the picture below

Step 2: After that, a popup will appear where you need to click on Get in touch with us tab and then Sign up.

Step 3: Now you need to provide a link, where your potential customers will be redirected. It is recommended to provide the exact link of the signup page.

Note: click on add button to save changes

  • Use Facebook Retargeting/Remarketing Pixel

It is another technique used by Facebook to get potential customers for you. If you have visited any sites recently you will start getting ads from those sites, this is because the sites you visit sends a browser cookie and Facebook recognizes it, as a result, Facebook starts showing you ads related to those things.

  • Use Facebook Ads to Promote Pages with Special Offers

As Privacy has been a concern for people in this era, it is difficult to get information (email address) about people. So, therefore, you can provide special offers to your potential customers as well as in return you can generate leads.

  • Add Links to Your Signup Pages in YouTube Videos

If you have a YouTube channel it could be another effective way to get information from your viewers by adding calls to action.

You can easily add a link following these steps:

Steps: go to Video Manager, click on Edit, then cards and lastly Add card.

  • Run Twitter Ad Campaign

Another best social platform to generate lead is from Twitter Ads. Twitter allows you to run lead generation campaigns directly as well as you can even boost your lead generation campaigns post as well.

  • Promote Old Posts with Targeted Options

Sharing has always been a best to do, to gain more customers. Sharing increases user engagement on your social platforms as well as to your websites.

  • Use Pinterest Boards for Lead Generation

Pinterest is another social platform that helps you boost your email subscriptions. You can offer your followers content upgrades, coupons, discount or other offers which will help you generate more leads in return.

  • Ask Influencers to Share Links to your Special offers

Influencers can change the peoples perspective of looking things. Same you can do for your products or services. You can ask influencers with whom you are connected to. So that, they can spread the information about your company to others.