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The Network Information Center (NIC), also called as InterNIC from 1993 until 1998, was the internet governing frame fundamentally accountable for domain name allotment and X.500 directory services. From its beginning in 1972 until October 1, 1991, it was sprite by the Stanford Research Institute and lead by Jake Feinler. From October 1991 until September 18, 1998, it was sprite by Network Solutions. Thereafter, the accountable was presume by the Internet Corporation for allocating Names and Numbers (ICANN).

What they do?

Currently, Inter NIC (Internet Network Information Center), a collaboration activity between the U.S. government and Network Solutions, Inc., was the corporation responsible for registering and conserving the com, net, and org top-level domain names on the World Wide Web.

The real registration was executed by Network Solutions, Inc. As an announcement of a new U. S. Government Statement of Policy (known as “the white paper”) in October 1998. It states that vying will be launch in domain name registration for these top-level domains. Also, it will be launched for a non-profit global corporation. The Internet Corporation of allocates Names and Numbers (ICANN), has been nominated to conduct the registrar accreditation procedure. ICANN has originally designated five new registrar companies – in supplementary to Network Solutions – for a two-month test interval. After that period, supplementary registrars are expected to be accredited.

Who set up?

The Internet Network Information Center (InterNIC) was set up by the National Science Foundation. It was founded to offer neat domain name registration. The InterNIC provides a system called Whois that assist users to get information by entering the IP inscription. InterNIC is now a project of the Internet Corporation for allocating Names and Numbers (ICANN).


While the InterNIC is still dynamic in helping to provide data about domain registration. The actual registration procedure has become the responsibility of private registrars. The nonprofit ICANN offered accreditation for these registrars as well as other services such as debate intention for domain name issues. Other private businesses offer a mixture of Web hosting and domain name registration favour as a kind of one-stop shop for those who want to control a domain name and based website construct on that domain.

ICANN and other organizations continually work with governments throughout the world to chase level for Internet use and domain name registration, ownership and maintenance. As the Internet becomes continuous more involved in both provincial and global commerce, the matter of clear record-keeping for domains is becoming flat more important.

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