10 Ways to Choose the Perfect Facebook Ads Image684

Author: InfoBeep - August 7, 2017 | subject to copyright

Facebook is widely spread as well as most used social website in all over the world. It is a social networking site that makes it easy for us connect as well as share with our family and friends online. Most of the people use Facebook to connect and share their news and views with their belongings.

Facebook is not used to connect and share with our friends and family. There are different other things which Facebook does. Just sharing or passing the information is old. Facebook has come up with different things today. We can easily market our aids, product and do different things on it. As it is the most common site people use, different agency post their products and newly brand on this site.

So, we can easily do many ads in it. But the aids images should be perfect enough to fit and appropriate as per adjustment of their PC, phones or tablets. So, one must consider the following while choosing the ads image:

  • Image should be of right size and shape:

Shape and size of the image must be considered. It is the one which makes our ad look beautiful. The image should be in landscape orientation i.e. wider than it is tall. Facebook recommends using the image which is 1200×628 pixels.  Avoid anything that looks compressed, jagged, blurry or just plain bad. The image must be so that can fit on any screen without any problem.

  • Use the picture of smiling People:

What makes anyone happy is the smile. So, use this prophecy on your ad. Use a smiling face on your ad so that people can easily get to it and give their positive emotions on it. Use the emotions as required by your ad demand. Don’t use a smiling face if it is about the angry and sad person.

  • Pick a colour that matches the Facebook layout:

Ads your product and anything in Facebook you must match your ads image with Facebook layout. The Facebook uses primarily blue and grey with black and white. So, use something extra so that your ads can easily be attracted to the eyes of the viewer.

  • Capture the essence of an object:

Just focus on the object you used in your ads image. It should be crystal clear. It should not be confusing to the customers or viewers.

  • Include text conveying important information:

Facebook does not allow to use more than 20% to text density to use on the ads, news feed or sidebars. So, being on the rule use your idea to convey your message to the viewer.

  • Include images of Adorable Animals:

Cute animals, especially attract the attention of anyone. So, carefully use your type of animals make it more attractive and adorable for the viewers.

  • Distort or Exaggerate Images:

Sometimes some of the utterly or unrealistic can also be in the eyes of people. They will be eager to know about it and can read the description about it.

  • Use Strange image to attract attentions:

Use such type of images which can easily attract the attention of the viewer. Don’t only focus on the straight view. Just follow the path which can attract the audience in your favour.

  • Avoid images with tiny details:

Don’t use tiny description about your ads and other. Just go some few step which could clear the audience doubt.

  •  Test images and Iterate successful adjustment:

Just test the images and if needed do some of the changes. Take an overall view of the ads, try everything you can try and compare the result.