5 Apps to Help You Create a Facebook Fan Page Cover Photo926

Author: InfoBeep - August 7, 2017 | subject to copyright

There are lots of features in the one of the famous site known as Facebook. It’s one of the features i.e. timeline was introduced in early 2012 and along with this feature “cover photo” was introduced. A cover photo is a header picture that spreads across the top of a Facebook profile/page.

As Facebook has a different fan because of its most use and a cheap rate of service. Creating a Facebook Fan cover photo was a bit tough when it started. But now it easy to create a great cover photo for your Facebook fan page. You can also do so with the help of five great apps and they are listed down below:


    PICLAB HD is an app developed mainly for iOS devices, it makes your cover photo designing incredibly easy. Once you have downloaded the app, you will have the choice of either taking a photo using the camera on your phone or choosing one from your camera library. Once you have got your photo, you’re free to begin by applying effects on typography, shapes, and images to the original one.

  • Adobe Photoshop Express:

Adobe Photoshop Express is a mobile solution for users those who want to edit and manipulate photos. If you have finished your cover photo, you can easily touch it up using Photoshop Express. As we know, Adobe delivers the same flawless quality of photo editing with their Photoshop Express app as they always do with their desktop programs. Whether you want a complicated edit to photo or you simply want to brighten it, Adobe Photoshop Express can handle all the tasks very easily.

  • PATH ON:

It is another one of the used apps for the cover photo. Using Path On extra features you can choose a variety of fonts from the app. The app also comes with photo filters and its strong point is that its ability to add text. If you find that you’re wanting to add text quickly to your photos in a wonderful way, then use Path On.


Photo Grid is another best app for your task you want to do. It has got its own features. It is also one of a great way to pump out a cover photo in a little bit of time. Just download the app and start choosing a frame that fits similarly to the cover photo dimensions on Facebook. After that, you can select photos to include in the collage. Depending on the frame that you choose, Photo Grid will arrange them all in for you in an interesting way. You might be surprised by looking at its outcome that how professionally the things are done from this app.


Last but not the least, this app is also the same as other. It is also a most used app for cover photos. Its main function is that If you’ve already made a photo which doesn’t look right when you’ve uploaded it to the fans page, you can always go back and crop it down to the right size as you want using Cropulator.