Why You Need To Edit Old Posts on Your Blog Practical Tips501

Why You Need To Edit Old Posts on Your Blog Practical Tips
Author: InfoBeep - August 8, 2017 | subject to copyright

Might be some of you think editing old published post is just a way to kill your time. But here, we are going to challenge your thinking and tell you why editing an old post is essential  and Blog Practical Tips:


Writing is one of the skill, you will develop your writing skill when you keep on writing and so happens with your blogs. If you go through, your old blogs you will know that you have made silly grammar mistakes knowingly or unknowing which you can now find it as you now know much more about English grammar and spelling.


Initially, blogger do not care about the picture they upload in their post. Later, while proof-reading they come to know that they can change the picture used in post with some other new pictures.

Also, most of them use picture with high size which consumes lots of web space. If you do the same thing, you can use picture compression tool to resize your picture.

Update with new information:

There are millions of things happening in the world right now. Information is changing and you need to be updated as well. Same happens to the information you have in your blogs. The information you may have in some of your blogs may need to be updated.

Search engine ranking

You can use services like SEMRUSH or GA JS bookmarklet which helps you know the keyword your post is ranking for and optimize your post accordingly. It helps you to generate traffic in your website.


Comments have been an important section in your blog. But, unwanted or spam comments may decrease your website reputation. So therefore, you being a site owner need to look through such comments and take action accordingly.