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Google AMP
Author: InfoBeep - August 9, 2017 | subject to copyright

What is Google AMP stands for?

Reading web content in mobile is often too slow as rich content pages of website takes time to load in mobile. To kick this barrier for mobile users, Google and Twitter took an initiative to make web content load faster in mobile.

You can see the demo picture of Google AMP (Accelerate Mobile Pages) below:
Google AMP

The speciality of AMP is that, it uses minimal HTML and JavaScript codes. The AMP content is hosted on the Google AMP Cache which google can serve instantly to the viewers when they click on the link.

Pros and Cons of Google AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)

The best thing about Google AMP is, it helps to improve user experience for mobile users. Also, use of AMP is expected to help increase your site SEO ranking.

But on the other hand, AMP uses limited set of HTML, JavaScript and CSS which means you cannot add content rich widgets or other features which display a lot of animation.

Despite the fact, AMP has limited rich content features, Google is pushing its limit and making it familiar for mobile users.

Setting up accelerated mobile pages or AMP in WordPress

In order to setup AMP in WordPress, follow the steps below:

  • Install an activate AMP plugin
  • After activated, go to: Appearance > AMP to see the mobile version of your site:

You can make few changes here (Header background, Header text colour and colour scheme)

  • Click save, after you are done.

(note: add /amp/ at the end of URL of any pages in your site to see AMP version of it. For example: https://yoursite.com/2017/08/post-slug/amp/)

(note: if your website displays 404 error, go to Setting > Permalinks and click ‘Save Changes’ button)

Track the amp performance in Google Search console

You can see how your AMP is doing in Google Search. You just need to log in to Google Search Console, then click on Search Appearance > Accelerated Mobile Pages.

Extending and Customizing your accelerated mobile pages

Although AMP plugin comes with limited customization option, you can install and activate Glue for Yoast SEO & AMP to further make few customization (make sure you already have installed Yoast SEO).

After installation, go to SEO > AMP to configure plugin settings.

Here, you can choose colours, design your AMP, upload custom logo and so on. Also, you can add your Google Analytics ID.

That’s all you did it.