3 Dumb Things Most Bloggers Do That Always Leads To Failure537

Author: InfoBeep - August 11, 2017 | subject to copyright

It is found that 9 out of 10 blogs and bloggers end of failing which means only 1 out of 10 blogs get more audience. There are more than 966 million websites, few of them can share their success stories, lots of viewers and money as well, rest end up with 1000 viewers per month.

Blogging is not a gamble, it doesn’t give you back quickly, it takes time, it requires dedication, hard work and persistence.

Why you will struggle to be a successful blogger

When people start blogging they have higher expectations. Most of them expect to have a high number of viewers and dream to be rich early.

But, the fact is it takes time to make your blog have more viewers. When beginners find it hard to earn money or see no quick outcome, they get demotivated and quit blogging.

Here are 3 things, most bloggers do that always leads to failure:

  • You’re focusing too much on content too soon:

When you get into the blogging, don’t get too much on having lots of posts. Focus on creating what needed to the viewers.  Lots of the time, we have found newbie bloggers post those posts which are not interesting or doesn’t grab viewer attention.

  • Your content promotion strategy sucks

Promotion strategy, when you hear this word, the first thing that comes in mind should be promotion through social sites. But, that’s not the only thing you do to promote your content. You need to promote yourself in social sites when you have an enormous number of audience, not when you are in the starting phase and have few audience.

You can promote your blog through social influencers in the beginning.

  • Nothing separates your blog from others

Offer something different to your readers, influencers will only promote your blog when they find something interesting or different. Your blogs will go to audience and are appraised only when you have something tangible to offer to the audience.

Think about it; there are 164 million blogs, how can you differentiate yourselves from them?

How to not be a failure at blogging

As we have already talked about the things that make you failure in blogging. Let’s know, how to not be a failure in blogging:

  • Don’t create new content until you are ready.
  • Don’t only share your posts on social media and have no other promotion strategies.
  • The most important make your blog DIFFERENT.
  • Lastly, get the attention of influencers in your industry