3 Easy To Use Tips for Writing Post Title For High Traffic630

Post Title
Author: InfoBeep - August 12, 2017 | subject to copyright

Post Title is the main part of your content, it is the first thing user sees and decides if they want to see your content or not. Since, it is the main part of your content, you need to think wisely and give title to your content. We know it is not so easy task to do.

So here, we present you the tips for effective title writing of blog post:

  • Use multiple keyword in title

Most of the bloggers don’t take title seriously and choose any word whichever they find during initial thought. But, some advanced experienced bloggers have different opinion, they try to use multiple keywords in the title. Using multiple keywords in the title generally increases the probability to find blog. For example: if you use 2 keywords in the title, viewers will be able to find you if they search for any one among the keywords. You may see the demo picture below:


  • Keyword 1 – Role of Social Media in SEO
  • Keyword 2 – Importance of Social media in SEO
  • Keyword 3 – Importance of SEO


  • Post Title must be readers and SEO friendly Both

Some writers try to make readers friendly title and some SEO friendly. Try to do both the readers and SEO friendly its better.

  • Post Title must be descriptive and long

Your Post title must describe the gist of your content and it should be catching the reader’s attention. If your title does so, even search engines and social media gets attracted to your content.