5 Free Blogging Platforms You Might Not Know About653

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Author: InfoBeep - August 16, 2017 | subject to copyright

When it comes to a blogging platform, most of the people think only about Blogger and WordPress. But here, we are going to tell you about other 5 blogging platforms, you can choose to start your blog:

  • Tumblr:

If you want to have graphical representation on your blog, Tumblr could be the perfect option for you. You can assume it as the mixture of WordPress and Twitter. It looks cool as well as it has magical quality UI to hook you up.

  • Medium:

The best thing about Medium is: it is like a magazine. You can choose a niche and write about it. If you could do better than all other you will be featured on the niche leading pages. If you have potential go with it, it helps you get noticed.

  • Weebly:

If you want to make your blog look attractive, it is a perfect platform for you. You can choose themes, as well as drag and drop various elements in your blog.

  • io:

Pen.io is not a blogging platform.

But, this is something you need to know. Pen.io gives URL with a password, it lets you post about any topic through that specific URL staying anonymous.

  • Ghost:

Ghost is an open source blogging platform or say a concept developed by John O’Nolan, former deputy head of WordPress UX team. O’Nolan states WordPress has moved to a full-fledged CMS from blogging as well as Ghost is there to fulfill the blogging need.