Best Paypal Alternatives For Bloggers and Freelancers636

Author: InfoBeep - August 20, 2017 | subject to copyright

No doubt, PayPal provides the best service when it comes to the transfer of money and securities-related to it. But, if you cannot use PayPal in your country due to some restrictions and limitations. Here, we have listed 7 alternatives of PayPal which you can use to easily transit your money:

  • Payoneer:

Payoneer is one of the oldest and reliable payment service and available in most of the developing countries. It can help you receive payment from U.S. and European countries at low transaction cost which helps you earn more.

Payoneer is free to sign up and once you have a transaction of $100 you will get $50 as a bonus.


PayZa has been a popular and considered as the best alternative to PayPal. It is generally preferred by ad companies to pay bloggers & publishers. Recently, in 2017 they added Bitcoin services, through which customers can exchange their fund into Bitcoins. Here, we have listed few things we liked about PayZa:

  • Offer prepaid cards (Mastercard)
  • Bitcoin facility (Withdraw, payment, send, sell)
  • Supports personal & business accounts
  • Offers Andriod app
  • Free to set up with no monthly or yearly fees
  • Supports 190+ countries


  • Stripe:

Stripe is the best alternative to PayPal to receive payment on your online store as it has integration with all the web stores and e-commerce stores. It accepts application from 135+ countries in the world. If your country is not available to use Stripe, you can use Stripe Atlas which lets you incorporate a company in the USA and opens a bank account for you.

Stripe charges 2.9% +30 cents per transaction and you can also accept payment in Bitcoins.

  • TransferWise:

TransferWise could be the best option for you if you want to spend low in your transaction and currency conversion. It is created by people behind Skype and supported by Richard Branson which is the reason its growing faster.

Your initial transfer of £500 is free.


If you want great service 2CheckOut is the best alternative to PayPal for you. But, they comparatively charge high transaction and transfer fees.

  • Skrill:

Skrill has the bet currency conversion rates. They offer prepaid Master card and also provide iPhone & Android app which helps you make your transaction easy.

  • Remitly:

Remitly is a popular payment transfer service in India and Philippines. They charge no money of transaction of over $1000. But, charge a flat rate of $3.99 when you send money via credit or debit card. You can also send money without any fee but in delay of 3 days.