Download Grammar and Spelling Checker for Mac Grammarly963

Author: InfoBeep - August 22, 2017 | subject to copyright

If you are a Mac user, waiting for a desktop-based tool to check your grammar and spelling errors. Grammarly is the best tool you can use. It does not only help you to check for errors in your writing but also checks plagiarism for you. You can either choose free version or go with paid version as your requirement.

it is already available in Chrome extension, Windows addon for Word, web app and now extended to Mac OS.


Grammarly for Mac: Desktop-based grammar & spelling checker

it is Mac OS is a cloud-based desktop app which automatically syncs with the Grammarly web app. The app supports drag & drop feature that helps you quickly proofread and check plagiarism of your writing.

We recommend you to pin it’s icon in your dock so that you can easily drag & drop your document for proofreading.