Essential Blog Investment for Every Blogger554

Blog Investment
Author: InfoBeep - August 24, 2017 | subject to copyright

No more blogging is just a way to express your opinion about anything. Now, it has become a source of income for many bloggers. But, the blog doesn’t automatically start generating money for you, you need to make an initial Blog Investment to get proper outcome from it. Here, we have listed some of the things, you need to invest on to generate income from your blog:

  • Invest in custom domain:

This is the most important step you need to take when you start a blog. Never compromise on your domain name and hosting. Using a free site means you are helping other companies to market through your effort. Having your own domain name helps you grow your brand image not only this but custom domain helps you grow SEO (as search engines prefer to link to root domains), makes it easier to publicize your domain (URL is shorter than free domain) and makes your domain looks professional (custom domain shows you are serious with blogging).

  • Invest in Blog design:

Once a reader gets into your site, the first thing they see is the design of your site. Your blog design is the other reason why your readers want to come to your site. If they find your site appealing and easy to use they will follow your blog regularly, if not they will search for alternative to your site and go for other options.

  • Invest in SEO:

This is related to marketing of your blog. Having a custom domain, quality contents and great design is not just enough to make your blog successful. You also need to invest in SEO, there are 2 different ways to invest in SEO:

  1. On page SEO: It is comparatively a cheaper way of doing SEO of your blog. You can install Yoast SEO plugin in your WordPress blog.
  2. Off page SEO: This can also be considered as paid SEO where you optimize your blog rank higher for some keywords.
  • Invest in Social sites marketing:

Social sites are the best place to advertise your brand right now. You can target your customers and invest as your wish. Depending upon your Blog Investment your ad will be spread to number of your targeted customers and this increases your probability of growing customers.

  • Invest in building team:

This is the most important Blog Investment you need to make. If you have the best team, your blogging experience will be easy and wonderful. Best team will give your better result and better result will drive lots of readers for you. So, whenever you choose to hire a team member, think again, you are making a big decision of your life so choose wisely.

And above all invest time for logo, banner and all other small contents.