How To Become A Successful Blogger Even When You Don’t Have Any Experience727

Successful Blogger
Author: InfoBeep - August 27, 2017 | subject to copyright

Becoming a successful blogger requires lots of learning in the starting phase as well as applying those learnings into your articles. But most of the newbie blogger thinks, having a blog is a source of good income, just publish a blog and money start to roll in.

Here is what you need to do to become a successful blogger:

4 easy steps to becoming a successful blogger in 2017

  • Become a voracious reader:

Well, if you want your readers to read some beautiful contents you need to write them. For you to write those contents, you should know how to write. So, if you are a good reader you will automatically know how to write. It is all linked together, first read then you can write.

So, start reading about the industry you want to start blog on.

Some of the popular apps you can use to read books are:

Feedly, Flipboard, Pocket App, Kindle, WordPress Reader, etc.

  • Dare to be different

Well, there are millions of bloggers working day and night. To be in the industry, you should know why people would love to visit your blog? What can you give to your readers which others can’t? If you start doing the same what others did how can you expect to grow further than where others are?So think about it, Millions of blog on the internet why people should choose your blog, not the other millions?

  • Invest in yourself and your blog

The difference between successful and failed bloggers is the intention and willingness to succeed. Think your blog as a business and start investing on every part of it.

Make a strategy to your success path and work on it.

  • Create and sell products (Add new income streams):

Well, just having a blog doesn’t generate income. Now you need to think, what you can do to generate income from your blog. You can sell products according to the industry you write blogs for, that can be eBooks, online courses and so on.

Other places you can sell your goods are Gumroad, Instamojo,, Thinkific, etc.