How To Create Android App for Your Blog without Any Coding537

Author: InfoBeep - August 28, 2017 | subject to copyright

Android is the fastest growing mobile OS of this decade. The capabilities of it have taken the mobile industry into different level which is the reason of its popularity. Today, more than half of the mobile phones available in the market have built-in android OS.

Since,  It is the market leader right now, companies are trying to get close to potential customer through It’s apps. So, you being a blogger if you want to pull your viewers or customers towards your site, you can choose this way.

Now the question arises, how to create an android app? Either you need to code (if you know) or you need hire people which means you need an investment. Here, we have found out easy way for you.

How to use AppGeyser to create free android app for blog?

Now to create a free android app using App Geyser, follow the steps below:


  • Now, fill the required information like: Website URL, App Name, Description, Icon(upload .png image) , Screen orientation and Category. You can also choose to login from Facebook.
  • Now your app is ready. Click “test your app” and you will be able to download .apk file of your app.