How To Enable HTTPS For Your BlogSpot Blog754

Author: InfoBeep - August 31, 2017 | subject to copyright

HTTPS known as Hypertext transfer protocol secure is a web-standard followed by most of the webmasters due to its security feature.  it is also widely used in banking & e-commerce sites as it provides better security than HTTP. it transmits your web data in the encrypted form so that hackers can get your information.

How to make your BlogSpot blog HTTPS enabled for free:

If you are using a custom domain name, this feature is yet not available for you. But if you have a blog with .blogspot address, you may follow the steps below:

  • Login to BlogSpot dashboard
  • Click on the dropdown & go to blog settings
  • Go to Setting > Basics & look for HTTPS setting option
  • From its availability drop-down, select yes & save the option.

Now your blog will be accessible over both HTTP and HTTPS connection. You may face some problem if contents on you blog are hosted on its site. But, if you have hosted all your contents in BlogSpot platform you may not face errors.