How To Find Extra Hours for Blogging and Bloggers to Earn More747

Author: InfoBeep - September 2, 2017 | subject to copyright

If you are one of the busy bloggers and finding it hard to manage time for writing contents. Here, you are at the right place, you may do following things to buy extra time:

  • Outsource few things:

If you are a blog writer, you must have known this, writing is the most important and time-consuming part of your blog. You require quality time to capitalize on it. So, to have your job done, you can even hire a writer or attract guest bloggers to write articles for you. To attract guest writers, you need to have a credible site.

  • Saying no is saying yes:

The Internet is the ocean of everything, you can either use your time and gain many things from it or waste your time just surfing in it. So, therefore, say no to distraction and use your internet time doing something that creates value for you.

  • Schedule posts in advance:

Having the post in advance helps you to have consistency in the blog post. Whenever you have an extra time, write blogs even if you are not going to post it at that time. You can post those advance written blogs during the time when you are busy or had no time to write new blogs.

  • Time yourself:

It’s understood you are busy, but still, you can set few hours a week for your blogs (your blog needs time from you). If still, you are too much busy, you can do following things to get time for you:

  1. Wake up early, and do things needed to be done. This will help you get extra time during your weekends.
  2. Keep of generating ideas when you are walking or having a launch. You can use your mobile phone to store your idea.
  3. Spend your time on your blog rather than on TV
  4. Make a To-do list and get stick to it, it helps to manage you so that you can have extra time for blogging.