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User-Generated Content
Author: InfoBeep - September 5, 2017 | subject to copyright

More than billions of people have access to the internet and number is growing rapidly. More the number of users, more the internet utilization and eventually more amount of content.

Every year, more than 200 billion tweets are written in twitter and around 80 million new photos are uploaded in Instagram. And they are just 2 out of 1000s of other social sites in the world. Just imagine, how much contents are internet user generating.

To make you familiar with the user-generated content we have written this article for you:

What is user-generated content and why is it so important?

Anything that is done or created by user in the internet can be called as user-generated content. It can be a tweet or upload of photos, videos, post etc.,

UGC (user-generated content) is a content generated by a user. Through this, we can analyze the audience behaviour which is the reason user-generated content is so powerful and important.

Some benefits of using UGC:

  • Adds credibility to your blog post.
  • Leads to a personal connection with your readers.
  • Makes your content more authentic and relatable.
  • Empowers all those users whose content you have selected, as it gives them an added voice.
  • Saves your time while coming up with genuine content.

Research done on UGC has found that they are 50% more trustworthy, 35% memorable and 20% more influential to its audience.

Now, let’s know how content marketers and bloggers can use UGC for their purpose:

  • Start by identifying your audience:

In the world of internet, it matters the number of viewers to your content. No matter, even if you have the best of the best content and if you can’t reach to the audience, your efforts would have no outcome.

First, identify your audience, create content for them and if possible, try to reach more people (try not to be limited to certain people) and always be open to new ideas.

  • Get to know about industry leaders and influencers:

Now, that you have targeted your audience, know the leaders and influences in that area. Here, we mean to say know the people who are renowned for the category related to the things you are working on your posts.

Use tools available on the internet to track leading users on social media. You can consider Klout score to prioritize them. Here we have Klout score in the “books’ category

(Note: other tools available to identify influencers are Traackr, Linkdex, BuzzSumo, Little Bird, etc)

  • Track the ongoing trending topics:

Social sites like Facebook as well as Twitter provides a feature section called “trending topics”. You can see what is the trending topic going on, create blog related to them and reach the mass audience. Having a post with trending topic on the specific time can make your post go viral. You can see the demo of trending topics:

  • Focus on upcoming events:

Like trending topic, upcoming events also may help you reach the mass audience. Know about the upcoming events and make post on them. There is high chance people will come to see your post to know more about those upcoming events.

Below you can see some of the demos of upcoming events and number of people showing reaction to those events and from different areas.

  • Perform social media listening

Through this method, you can get the real-time updates related to certain keyword or hashtag on the internet. You can also filter your result depending on different sections like demographics and even keywords.

This will automate your user-content generating process and help you save your time.

Below you can see the report generated by Socialert (social media listening tool):

  • Be more specific and relevant (filter your search)

A lot of information on the internet may make you difficult to figure out things. So, therefore, be specific to get the exact information. For example, if you are searching information on certain things, try to limit your search results using filters like age, demographic location, gender, etc.

  • Maintain a neutral stand:

To maintain authenticity to your post, take a neutral stand. You can provide strong opinion for every subject you deliver but do not compromise the authenticity of your content.

  • Try to be more diverse:

Most of the time, content writers simply go through different contents and start with their contents which is a fine thing to do. But, having an extra thing in your content may help you boom. For example: adding pictures, videos, memes etc.

  • Focus on building a community:

Whenever you find a content in the social media, try to connect them with a healthy community. Try to appreciate everyone for the effort they have done.

In short: Respect your readers and harness a healthy community.