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Grabbing Headlines
Author: InfoBeep - September 9, 2017 | subject to copyright

If you see the readers behavior or your own behavior, you read the headline first then you start reading the contents. Headlines are the 1st thing that attracts the attention of the reader. So, if you can’t grab their attention, how can you think they will likely read your posts. Your headline determines, if you are going to get reader or not.

Here, we have mentioned 7 easy to follow ways to craft attention grabbing headlines:

  • Focus on solving a problem, not selling something:

Creating a headline that shows help grabs more audience. Those articles which rank high in Google are mainly about helping people to solve problems.

  • Come up with many ideas is one of the best example when it comes to generating many ideas. They write 25 headlines for each blog before they publish on their site and finally they select one of the headline and publish their content with it.

They have 8 rules for writing headlines:

  1. You have to write 25 different headlines for every piece of content you’re writing.
  2. You will write some stinky headlines.
  3. Once you start getting desperate, you should start thinking outside the box.
  4. So you have to write 25 headlines.
  5. Number 24 will suck. Then Number 25 will be a gift from the headlines gods and will make you a legend.
  6. Accept that headline every will be perfect.
  7. Then write 25 headlines.
  8. With consistent practice, you’ll be writing 25 in 15 minutes. Only then will you be allowed to lower your limit.
  • Keep a swipe file:

Swipe file is a collection of different headlines that have already worked for others. This file actually works for you when you need to get a great title for your articles.

  • Use numbers (preferable odd numbers):

Researchers have found that using numbers in your headlines grabs 73% more social shares as well as engagements. People tend to believe odd numbers than even. It was also discovered that odd numbers help people to digest and recall information quickly.

According to Debra Jason, numbers are like “brain candy”, meaning brain is receptive to numbers which is the reason number grabs people attention.

  • Include positive words:

Using positive words in headlines emotionally grabs people attention.

Some of the positive words to grab people attention are:

  • Perfect
  • Funniest
  • Best
  • Biggest
  • Always
  • Fastest
  • Easiest
  • Most
  • Greatest
  • Largest
  • Hottest
  • Strongest
  • Ever
  • Top


  • Use negative words to highlight fear:

Study carried out of Outbrain stats that headlines featuring negative superlatives perform 30% better than positive superlatives.

Some of the negative superlatives are:

  • Never
  • Worst
  • By No Means
  • Nothing
  • No One
  • No Way
  • None

Note: you can also use words Like Stop, Avoid and Don’t

  • Make use of brainstorming tools:

Internet has made things easier, you can also use other online tools like:

Coschedule Headline Analyzer, Pr Headline Generator, etc.

At last, we also believe having a good content is important. If you have a good headline but not a good content, you won’t be able to generate traffic to your website continuously.