How To Submit your Blog To Free Basics by Facebook660

Author: InfoBeep - September 10, 2017 | subject to copyright

Facebook launched the free basic in 40 countries in African, Middle East, Asia as well as Latin American countries partnering with Mobile Operators. This program aims to provide internet connection to the people who previously didn’t have access to the internet.

About Free Basics by Facebook

Free Basics by Facebook provides people with access to useful contents (news, employment, health, education as well as local information) on the internet for free.

To get the Free basics service, people of the service available country, need to get a Sim card of partner Mobile Operator. If one already has the sim they just need to visit Free Basics by Facebook to get started.

How can you benefit from Free basics as a Blogger?

If you have a website/Blog, you can join the Free Basics Platform by adding your app, website or service to Free Basics. You need to follow certain guidelines; these guidelines especially check performance on an older phone and slower network connection in countries where services are provided.

Benefits of adding your website to Facebook free basics:

  • Grow your audience by providing affordable access to your service:
  • As people of Free Basics available country will be able to browse your website for free. There is high probability you will have millions of visitors to your site.
  • Scale your social impact:
  • Social media has already shown its impact to the society, the country as well as the whole world. Scale up your presence in social media by providing online services.
  • Establish your brand early in the fastest-growing mobile markets:
  • As more than a billion users are accessing the internet with mobile devices today, the number is rapidly growing. Get in today and grab the opportunity to establish your brand early