The Ultimate Guide To Reducing Your High Bounce Rate494

Bounce Rate
Author: InfoBeep - September 10, 2017 | subject to copyright

This is the one thing, that every website owners or bloggers thinks about most of the time. All of them, want to have almost no bounce rate or thinks to have as low bounce rate as possible. There are several reasons behind high bounce rate in your site. Some of them could be: your site is too heavy and it takes lots of time to load, lots of advertisements all over the page, annoying popups in the screen and unworthy contents. If you have any of these things you better try to solve these issues.

Having said that, here are list of things you can do to reduce your bounce rate:

  • Make it readable:

People don’t like to read long boring contents, they prefer to read scannable and skimmable post. So therefore, when you write a content, make it short and to the point. The quality of your content matters a lot, so share valuable information in your blog. You can use other tools like: Grammarly, Ginger, etc. to check your content.

  • Use infographics:

Infographics are the visual representation of charts. Use of infographics can attract user attraction more than text. You can use infographics with short texts which makes your infographics understandable.

  • Video information:

As video could be another way to make your reader understand about the topic. You can record video about specific topic and post it.