How to Write Blog Posts That Will Make You Stand Out391

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Author: InfoBeep - September 11, 2017 | subject to copyright

Millions of articles are being published daily, but only few of them gets more traffic. They are the one who has something different than most of the others. To help you, list your blog posts among those few which gets more traffic, here we have listed some of the ways:

  • Optimize it for your readers:

Might be you have the best or say quality content in your blog posts, but if the color of your text, font size or your blog does not look appealing, then your readers would be disappointed. As a result, they will start searching for an alternative to your blog.

So therefore, you should design your site well in a way reader feel like coming to your site again. You can also create unique and catchy titles to grab user attention. Titles are the 1st thing user see before reading your blog, then they look for the body of your post. So, make sure, you design your blog in a way reader feel like reading it.

  • Optimize it for search engines:

Search engines and good contents go hand in hand. If you have good content you will have more readers and eventually you will have higher SEO rank. Search engines mainly look for: Title, links, content of your blog, tags and categories in your blog, if they find it credible or worthy they will increase your SEO rank.

  • Make your content social:

Whenever you write a content, write in a way that engages your reader. You can ask for their feedback or ask them to share something. The more response you get from them the more you are likely to know about your contents. Replying their comments and appreciating their feedback will encourage them to respond to your contents. So, better encourage them so that you will be able to grow relationships with your readers.