How To Write Less and Say More Smart Writing Technique696

Write Less
Author: InfoBeep - September 12, 2017 | subject to copyright

Why should you write less?

People are getting less patient these days, they want everything in short, less or quickly as possible. The more you write, the more it becomes difficult for your reader to concentrate in your article. So, you being a blogger, need to learn to write less.

can you write less?

You can definitely write less even without compromising on the quality of your content. You just need to remove the unwanted words from your article.

How much is enough?

Well, there is no exact number of words you need to write to make your article like a pro. But the main thing is, you need to cover up the details about the topic you deliver.

Are there any exceptions?

Yes, there are exceptions but still you can reduce words without any outcome.

Here, we will guide you to write your article with less number of text in 6 steps

  • Draft a plan

Might be you are thinking everybody knows this and this is not going to work. But, let me tell you planning before you write an article help you structure your thought and ideas. It helps to make flow in your writing.

  • Leave out meaningless sentences

It is not compulsory that every sentence you write in your article is important. Make sure, every sentence in your article has some relation with the core idea.

  • Remove adverbs and linking words and phrases

Adding adverbs and linking words and phrases may add feelings to your write which generally does happens in novels and essays. But doing same in articles just helps your article look lengthy.

If you think certain word or phrases is adding value to your article add it else remove it. You may use Hemingway app to help you remove adverbs.

  • Break down a text into abstracts and complex sentences into shorter sentences

Try to segment complex sentences into smaller parts so that your article becomes more readable. Also, avoid complex conditional clauses or passive voice. You will be surprised to see your article becomes short and informative.

  • Read the text backward

It might sound a crazy idea but it helps you figure out spelling mistakes and phrases so that you can make your article simpler.

  • Show your post to non-native speaker (OPTIONAL):

Today, most of the site publish their article in English who have more non-native viewers. So you can check, if your viewer will read your article without losing interest.