Why Bloggers Share Their Income Report and Why You Should Too642

Income Report
Author: InfoBeep - September 17, 2017 | subject to copyright

Whenever you share your income report, you will most probably come across 3 different reactions: some gets motivated, some think it as show off and other believe its misleading.

Here in this article, we are going to tell you why sharing your income report is helpful to you and other:

  • Blogging as a potential career option:

Most of the people choose profession like: doctors, engineers, pilots, etc. as a career option. They think those are the only profession you can build your career on and earn enough income for you.

But no, one can even choose to become a blogger. Yeah, it’s true you may not gain any certificate or a degree. But anyone from any age group can start to be a blogger. Blogging can give you recognition, fame and obviously good income if you are capable enough.

  • A new source of blog monetization:

If you still think AdSense is the only way to make money from the blog. Then, you are completely wrong at this stage, there are 100s of other ways that can help to monetize a blog. Some of them are sponsored reviews, affiliate marketing, CPM ads, etc.

  • The motivation for readers and self-motivation:

Looking at others income report helps you to motivate and create a milestone for yourselves. Also, every time you post your income report you will try your best to beat your own record.

  • Comments are helpful:

Whenever you post your income report there are chances you will get suggestion about other potential sources to generate income from your blog.