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Author: InfoBeep - September 17, 2017 | subject to copyright

Whenever we think about the ways of marketing, Social media marketing or Search Optimization(Social Traffic vs. Search Traffic)? These 2 ways come head to head.

We found that there is no exact best way of marketing. But, both of the above ways are helpful in some or other ways.

Is it better to get social traffic or search traffic?

Here, we have prepared some examples for you of different blogs and channel you can choose to get better outcomes.

Backlinko – SEO blog

It is one of the popular SEO blog in the internet. Backlinko has fewer posts but they focus more on SEO as a result get more traffic for the site.


Backlinko gets just 4% of traffic from social media, 34% are direct traffic and 7% are email traffic. As Backlinko has high quality content, they are obvious to get more direct traffic.

You may see the traffic figure of Backlinko from different channels below:


Wait But Why – Long-form content blog

Wait But Why get more traffic from social media. They focus on the millennial, hipster, and geeky crowd. They have casual and free-flowing content with more of graphical representation.

You may see the traffic figure of Wait But Why from different channels below:


Jon Loomer – Facebook Advertising Blog

Jon Loomer post contents which is targeted to advance Facebook marketers. Although they post content related to social marketing, they get more traffic from search engines.

You may see the traffic figure of Jonloomer from different channels below:


Business Insider – Business Blog

Business Insider have got the genuine latest content. They get lots of traffic from the social media as they post about current events.

TIP: cover latest news in your field to get more traffic from social media.

You may see the traffic figure of Business Insider from different channels below:


What do these stats represent?

If you go through the figure sincerely, you may have found that Backlinko, Wait But Why, and Jon Loomer have built their brands as a result they have more direct traffic.

But, Business Insiders having a huge brand name, they have more traffic from search engines and social media.

The conclusion here is your content matters where you are going to get your traffic from. Choose the channel you invest based on what type of articles you are going to publish.

Search traffic: Write content people would like to search for. For example: How to, tips, specific Niche Content, etc.

Social media: Write content that is appealing which people like to discover. For example Trending News, Funny Memes, Popular Culture, etc.