The 5 Most Common Content Marketing Blunders That Are Scaring Away Readers590

Content Marketing
Author: InfoBeep - September 18, 2017 | subject to copyright

Content marketing is considered as a cheap but effective marketing technique for generating leads. However, most of the content marketers make blunders in a way which is scaring their readers. Here are 5 of those reasons:

  • You don’t know who your customers are

Anything you do in the blogging world, you do it for you customers. Customers are likely to be following your post only if they find it interesting or have some benefits. So, you being a blogger, need to know who your customers are. It helps you know what kind of contents you need to deliver to your customers so that you can increase your viewer customer rate.

You may see some image below to make yourself clear about why you need to identify your target audience in content marketing:

reason to difine

  • Your content sucks

If you are creating a content that cannot surprise your reader, be ready to lose your reader.

You need a good content to get good results. Quality content needs to be informative, actionable, evergreen, authentic as well as should create value for your readers. Content should be designed in a way that entertains and educate your reader.

  • Thinking that more content means more traffic

The way people react to things is changing and so with the contents in the internet. Nowadays, people don’t want content filled with lots of words and theory, they just need what is important for them.

  • You’re all for the money

Okay, it’s understood you need money to survive. But, in the blogging industry educating your reader should be your priority. You should make your reader feel that you are helping them with your blog.

You readers shouldn’t feel that you are selling them products. If you could help customers, money automatically starts rolling in.

  • Not properly proofreading your contents

Your quality of writing determines your success in blogging. Making a post even with a simple error can affect the reputation of your blog. So, therefore, write quality contents, proofread it and deliver your contents to your reader