The 6 Best FREE Online Image Compression & Optimizer Tools644

Author: InfoBeep - September 19, 2017 | subject to copyright

Compressing image on your site makes your site content load faster which can be the reason you can outrank your competitors as well as your viewers want to read your content. Also, if you have an image with low size online, you may be saving lots of your online space.

Here, we are going to tell you about 6 best online tools for compressing images (without losing quality):

  • has an amazing UI and even lets you export compressed images using Dropbox or Google Drive. You can compress image with 4 formats here: JPEG, PNG, GIF and SVG.

  • allows you to compress multiple pictures at once and also allows you to download all of them in one click in a .zip file.

  • GiftOfSpeed .PNG Compressor || jpg compressor:

Although it is also one of the online image compressing tool, it offers you something more. You can use ‘image delivery tool’ to see if images in your blog post are well-optimized. Also, it gives suggestions to help you optimize your site.

This is one of the oldest and trusted site to compress image. It offers WordPress plugin and Magento extension which helps you compress your site images without hassle of uploading each image manually. You can compress roughly around 100 images monthly. It supports PNG and JPG/JPEG format.

  • OptimiZilla

One of the best tool to use to control quality loss. Here, you can compress on your desired level and get preview instantly to compare between original and compressed image. Also, you can upload and compress upto 20 images here.

  • ImageRecycle

This tool supports both images and pdf. It has WordPress plugin, Shopify app, Joomla Extension and a Magento extension. They do not offer a free version but you can have 14 days trial with 100 MB quota after that you can write about their service in order to get a 2-month extension with a 3 GB quota.