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Just a decade ago (2007), a company named Apple launched its third iPod under the CEO Steve Jobs. The iPod could play audios as well as videos. Also, it had capability to make calls and browse internet and the company named it iPhone 3. The first Apple iPhone was iPhone 3 and it was ready to revolutionize the whole mobile phone industry. The phone was so popular that six out of ten people knew iPhone was about to be released.

It was the first mobile phone that could do most of the things which people believed was impossible. It had widescreen, multiple touching capabilities, camera installed, Wi-Fi, virtual keyboard as well as many other things which are available in phones today. Since it was a revolutionary phone, it just took 5 days for 1 million iPhone to be sold.


As it was just the beginning, they found that their customer’s expectations were growing and to meet the expectation they need to upgrade and bring changes in their phone and as a result, they continuously upgraded their phone as needed.

1 Billion iPhones were sold in total up to date July 27, 2016.

Apple Models

On the year 2008, they launch iPhone 3G which had capability to support 3G followed by 3GS in 2009 which had capability to record video as well.

So far, there are 13 apple models as they continued to upgrade their phone model year by year. In the year 2010 they bought iPhone 4, iPhone 4S (phone with white color were available) in 2011, iPhone 5 in 2011, iPhone 5C (additional color range were added) and iPhone 5S in 2013, iPhone 6 in 2014, iPhone 6S in 2015, iPhone SE in 2016, iPhone 7 in 2016, iPhone 7S 2017 and iPhone 8 or iPhone X to be launched in September 2017.

Things that make iPhone unique

  • No Bloatware: you won’t find any additional unwanted software in your iPhone.
  • Support: If you have any problem with your iPhone you can directly have a live chat or can schedule an appointment with Apple Store Genius Bar.
  • Better security: It is almost impossible to break into iPhone by an unknown person. They probably have the best security than any other phones on the planet.

Facts about iPhone

  • App Store was the first online space where users can download app legally
  • Samsung makes the processors for iPhone
  • iPhone was awarded “Invention of the Year” in 2007 by Times Magazine.
  • In average 340,000 iPhones were sold per day in 2012.
  • Apple is Twice more expensive in Brazil than USA.
  • iPhone customer waited in line for 6 months in Japan waiting for iPhone 6 to be launched.
  • Even though iPhone has just 20% of the world mobile market share, it owns 90% of the profit in this industry.
  • iPhone 4s is considered as a key product launched by company as 1 million units of the model was sold within 24 hours making the company largest smartphone vendor.
  • It is said that iPhone users are more loyal to the company than any other mobile phone company users.