Top 3 Mistakes Amateur Bloggers are Prone to Make581

Amateur Bloggers
Author: InfoBeep - September 21, 2017 | subject to copyright

To be specific, Amateur bloggers who are making mistakes in blogging, blogging is not an easy task to do. Since, blogs are managed by humans, they can make mistakes. Even though, we learn from our mistakes, there are mistakes which cost us a lot.

There are millions of amateur bloggers who are making mistakes in blogging and you being one of the amateur, you might be one of those bloggers who are making mistakes. Those mistakes might cost you loss of your readers causing low traffic and eventually ending your blogging career.

Here, we have listed 3 of the common mistakes amateur blogger usually make:

  • Custom domain name:

Most of the amateur bloggers don’t want to spend even a penny when they start to blog. As a result, they start their career choosing a free domain name.

We suggest you start your blogging career with your custom domain name as you can establish your own brand name. You can even create your brand with free domain but the real domain owners have more control over your site. You grow brand image for the domain owners than you grow for your blog. Also, having custom domain gives you control over your blog.

  • Blog design:

You must be well-known with this fact. Whenever you get into a new site, the first thing that creates impression for you is the look and feel of the website. Same happens with your readers, the first thing they see is your blog design, so be sure you make it the best. But, this doesn’t mean you need to make your blog look fancy, you need to design your blog in a way that makes your website appealing.

Choose a professional looking theme and if affordable, go for some premium theme. This will help you to create impression about your website to your readers.

  • Copying content without even giving the source:

Writing is the most important but time consuming and boring task in blogging. So, must of the amateur blogger starts copying contents which are famous or useful for them.

Initially, this technique may offer you some visitors but in long term your reputation declines and you’ll have very less or no visitors to your site. But we recommend you to take the guidance of senior bloggers if not try to learn their tricks.