Virtual Reality of modern age VR1013

Virtual Reality of modern age VR
Author: InfoBeep - September 22, 2017 | subject to copyright

Virtual Reality(VR) is something we are hearing about over internet in recent years. It has been taken as one of the most amazing innovations of technology. As the name suggests, it is both real and virtual. Things are virtually present but appear to be real while we see it using some device. It is just like feeling ourselves present inside a painting or being a 3D world. Let us know in depth about such amazing technology.

Introduction to VR


Virtual Reality (VR) means experiencing things using a device in such a way that mind makes us believe that we are both physically and mentally present in that situation or place. In short, it is believable, interactive 3D computer-created world. It has become a buzz word today. Different online games as well as programs market themselves are offering VR experience. But generally, most of these offers only few features of it. They activate only few stimuli of human to feel VR.

Categories of VR

Based on how much VR offers to its users, it is categorized. The major ones are Fully immersive, non-immersive and web-based. Collaborative and Augmented reality is its other types. Fully immersive as the name suggests are the ones where one can experience complete VR. People feel they are immersed in the virtual world as it is real. The other ones miss out few features of VR but try to offer similar experience. They are famous due to their convenience usage and low cost. Among these, augmented reality is slightly different. It deals with how our smartphone can connect with real world and visually display information regarding it. It also uses characters of VR due to which it is also studied along with VR.

Functioning of VR

Head-mounted displays are the most common tool for experiencing VR.     One can wear it over their head. VR works by tracking our movements. Majorly, it tracks the movement of head and eyes as major visual signals enter brain from there. Using headphones adds on to VR as it gives audio immersion into the virtual environment. VR immersive rooms is another major way for experiencing VR. Users get into VR fitted rooms where they experience a different virtual world moving with their movement.

Applications of VR


VR has wide range of applications. It is not just limited to gaming and entertainment. In education sector, students can be taught practically using VR. In medical sector, VR can be used for telemedicine. Doctors movement can be tracked by robots for treating patients far away. Architects can build on 3D models as well as walk through different parts of it using VR. This gives them experience of having the building in reality.

Presently, many large technology companies are investing largely on VR. Sony recently sold a million PlayStation VR headsets. Facebook as well as Google are focusing highly on making VR reach to more people. Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Google Cardboard and Samsung Gear VR are widely sold VR tools available in market and enjoyed by people at home. In future, it is sure that VR would see a whole lot of development making it highly beneficial for human.