Why You Shouldn’t Use Traffic Exchange Sites523

Author: InfoBeep - September 27, 2017 | subject to copyright

Most of you might be aware of those sites which allow you to get visitors to your sites. For example, you may know about Traffic Center where you need to sign up and need to visit sites, in response, you will get visitors to your sites as well.

Might be this sound an easy way for you to get it for your site. But we recommend you, not to use traffic exchange sites. Here are the reasons behind this:

  • Fake visits:

As some other is visiting your site to gain it on their site. They won’t visit your site with the reason to read your articles or check some other things you offer through your site. They just visit your site to gain traffic to their site.

  • The increase in bounce rate:

As mentioned above other just visit your site to gain traffic on their site. They just come to your site, surf it for less than a minute and close your site. This increases your bounce rate (percentage of visitors who enter the site and leave rather than viewing other stuff).

  • Nobody cares about your site:

As the visitor aims to gain traffic to their site, they aim to visit a number of pages. As a result, they open several sites at once and as they open several sites at once the probability they will go through your site is very low i.e. almost none.

We believe using traffic exchange sites is just a waste of time. Better focus on your contents as well as optimize your sites for search engines.