Why Your Website Is Naked Without The About Page647

Author: InfoBeep - September 28, 2017 | subject to copyright

When you have a blog, there are certain things you need to focus to make your website credible. About page is one of the factors, credible visitors judge you on. About page includes important information regarding your Website that can be: what your website is based on, where is your company located as well as other related things that help viewers to check if your site is credible or not.

Here are some of the factors, that shows why you need an about page:

  • Build trust with your readers:

Just think of yourselves, do you believe in a page which has no identity of its own. Definitely, your answer should be NO. Same happens with your readers, they find no point to believe in you if you even you even don’t have About page.

  • Allowing yourself to be known:

About page is the first page that lets you be known to your readers. If your readers want to know about you, they will first land up in your about page and know about you. So, if you want to be known have an About page.

  • Help you get more fans and friends:

About page can also help you get more fans and friends. You can include your social media page links. So that readers after reading about your page can follow you if they like. Also, to talk to the point one who sees you about page is your true follower because they want to know more about you.