3 Free Tools To Analyze Your Blog Traffic Stats600

Blog traffic
Author: InfoBeep - September 29, 2017 | subject to copyright

If you have a blog knowing your blog traffic stats can help you know in depth information about your blog, that could be from where you are getting visitors from, how long your visitors are spending your site, what are they looking in your page. Using this information, you can target more customers and attract them.

Although there are lots of tools to analyze your blog stats but here we are going to suggest you some of the tools that gives you better value than others:

  • Google analytics:

You can consider Google analytics as the king in terms of generating traffic stats of your blog. It is simple, effective and the best of all its available for free of cost.

  • Sitemeter:

It is another free traffic stat generating tool for your blog. You simple need to sign up in it and rest this will do everything for you. This tool has capability to track your site in real-time.

  • Jetpack plugin:

If you use WordPress this could be your favorite tool. You simply need to install and activate Jetpack plugin. It will show you real traffic stats of your site and shows your post viewers so you can see which post is performing well.