3 Softwares to Compress and Resize Images for your blog659

Resize Images
Author: InfoBeep - October 3, 2017 | subject to copyright

Images are one of the essential part of your article. It makes user know details about the topic and helps you deliver your knowledge in a convenient way. But, if you have large image that has more size, it will use lot of hosting space and take more time to load. You can solve this issue by compressing and resizing your image. There are numerous software available for compressing and resize images but not all are equally helpful and easy to work on. Here, we have listed some of the software that can help you resize images in an easy way.

It is a freeware software resizing tool and helps you to resize picture based on pixels, percentage and side. It also provides other options like: rotate, crop, canvas, adjustment with preview, add text and watermark image.

  • Irfan view:

It is also a freeware image resizing tool, you can pretty good image viewer and editor.

  • Webplus:

Webplus is a static website builder but you can use it as image compressor and resizer as it has capability to support designing and manipulating image. Although it supports different format to compress image but it works best to  compress png file.