3 Things to Know Before Starting a Blog552

Starting Blog
Author: InfoBeep - October 4, 2017 | subject to copyright

So, you’re thinking to start a blog?  3 Things to Know Before Starting Blog, Then you are welcome to the jungle, where only the fittest survives rest end up their journey soon or later. This is the most important you need to know, blogging is not a cake walk, there are lots of people who want to make a life out of it and very few achieve it.

Here are few things you need to know before you Starting Blog:

  • Having a blog is no guarantee of you making money online:

Be clear about it, you have a blog doesn’t mean you have generated a source to earn money. Traffic in your blog is the most important thing to monetize from your blog but that not enough. You have tothink wiselyto generate money out of traffic from your blog.

  • Other niches can be better than the blogging niche:

It’s not that blogging niche is only the most profitable thing in the planet right now. There are lots of thing you can do, the best you can do is follow your passion and start a blog about it. Maybe you can earn in the blogging niche, but be clear again there are more failure stories than success.

  • There is nothing called “build it and they will come”:

Maybe you have an awesome blog with great content and wonderful design but that just not enough at all. You need have a healthy promotion as well, healthy promotion meaning activities that works in this generation. You can’t spend 1000’s of dollar in cultural newspaper ads and ask readers to check your tech blog.