3 Things your Blog Should have From Day First759

Author: InfoBeep - October 5, 2017 | subject to copyright

There are lots of things you need to care about when you enter the blogging industry. For now, we have listed 3 of the major things you need to include when you start a blog.

  • Mobile friendly blog:

Yes, you saw it right, if you are going to start it. be sure you also make your blog mobile friendly. In this generation, the number of mobile users have tremendously increased and most of them prefer to browse internet through it. So, making it mobile friendly will help to get customers who prefer browsing from mobile.

  • Logo or banner:

Initially, you may thing creating a logo or banner is going to create no value for you. But, logo will help you in long term branding as this is the thing your viewers are going to notice unknowing. If you don’t believe, just think how you recognize Apple products.

  • Favicon:

Similar to logo, it is a small icon associated to a site. It plays a great role in branding your site as favicon is shown every time on the tab.