4 Important Article Publishing Tips for Bloggers502

Author: InfoBeep - October 7, 2017 | subject to copyright

There are lots of things you need to care about if you want to create a perfect blog. A perfect blog can be evaluated based on number or regular viewers, high search engine ranking, a good source of earning and many other factors. Although it takes a lot to create a perfect blog, here are some publishing tips to make your article perfect:

  • publishing:

It is found that readers read more blog in weekdays than weekends. So therefore, if you want to increase the probability to have more readers for your article publish it on weekdays. Publishing it in weekends, might lose some of your readers.

You may also take reference from your viewers analytics to know on which day your site is more viewed.

  • publishing time:

It is another fact regarding article readers, that most of them read it in morning from 8-11 A.M.

Still, you can see your viewers statics to know at what time you have more traffic in your website.

  • Which article should go first:

If you are thinking about publishing 2 articles in 1 day, you should choose the best article at last. Updating your best article in last will stick it in the first, so users will be able to see it when they browse your blog.

  • frequency:

You need to post regularly, it depends on the industry you are blogging on. If you feel like your industry has several topics to be covered you can post more than 1 article a day else you can post 3-4 a week.

Remember the more articles you have in your blog the better it is but you need to have quality in it.