How A Free Contest On Your Blog Will Increase Readership637

Free Contest
Author: InfoBeep - October 9, 2017 | subject to copyright

Free Contest are the techniques to generate traffic in a blog. Having contest in blog could be helpful for new blogs to attract readers. Although there are several benefits of running contests in blogs but here we are going to talk about few of them:

  • Free Backlinks:

Whenever you create a contest, your contestants will ask their friends to visit your page (sending them your page link) which in result give backlink to your page.

Whenever they ask their friend to visit your page, your contestants are helping you indirectly increase your blog traffic.

  • Free Social Traffic:

Depending upon your contest, you can ask contestants to share or like your social page. This way, you can even have free social traffic through contests.

  • Free Advertising:

Apart from Backlinks and Social Traffic, you will be getting numerous number of readers following your blog (depending upon your contest). Although for short period of time, your blog will be exposed to different social sites and messages. This way you will have free advertising of your blog.