Stop Being Boring How To Write More Humorous Articles657

Humorous Articles
Author: InfoBeep - October 11, 2017 | subject to copyright

If you want to Write More Humorous Articles and get traffic to your site than you should have the ability to write quality contents in a way that users don’t get bored reading it. You have to make your writing humorous so that reader feels like reading it.

Here’s what you need to do to make Humorous Articles:

  • Sarcasm

You can use sarcasm to gain user attention, it can both help you or make your article worst as some of them can understand it and connect it with themselves while others find it annoying. So, know your audience, before you use it.

  • Introduction is the key:

This is the 1st thing user reads on your article and most of them read to know the information you have included in your article, so make it count.

Throw some facts, share some information about the article and try to attract readers to read your complete article.

  • Use yourself as a character:

Whenever you give examples in your articles, use yourself as a character as including some others name would make them feel offended.

  • Images and memes:

Use of images and memes will help you explain your content in detail. Overuse of memes may also be distracting.

  • Secondary research:

The fact is you don’t know everything related to your field and you can’t memorize everything. So, to get more information related you need to see other’s work time to time. But, make sure whenever you copy other ideas, concept or any other thing give the source and always avoid plagiarism.