How to Create a WordPress eCommerce Store With Shopify634

Author: InfoBeep - December 2, 2017 | subject to copyright

Why choose Shopify?

Shopify is a hosted platform (also can be used with self-hosted WordPress) which lets anyone build an online store without technical knowledge.

It is available in multiple languages with 70 different payment gateways and can handle flexible shipping options, automatic tax calculation, inventory management and many other facilities.

As WordPress and Shopify are compatible with each other, site, having a WordPress site gives you an easy option to sell products using Shopify.

Setting up your WordPress eCommerce store with Shopify

To setup WordPress eCommerce store with Shopify, follow the steps below:

  • Go to Shopify website and signup for 14 days trial.
  • Now enter details like: email address, password and store name. click on create your store.
  • Now go to your WordPress, Install and activate ‘Shopify eCommerce Plugin’.
  • After activation, you will see ‘Shopify’ tab in admin bar. Click on it and setup Shopify account. Demo picture shown below:


  • Enter your Shopify store name and click connect.
  • After connected you will be able to see Shopify setting page.


  • Now add your product with description and few images. Demo picture shown below:


  • Now you can add other details like price, inventory information and so on. Click save button after you are done. Add your other products as well.
  • Now you need to setup your payments. Demo picture shown below:


  • Choose any method of your choice.


  • After done, you need to setup your shipping method.


  • Here you need to enter shipping origin information, shipping zones and costs. Now you are done with the Shopify setup.


Adding Shopify products in your WordPress site

As you already have a Shopify store connected with your site. You simply need to follow the steps below to add Shopify product in your site:

  • Create a new post. Here you will notice a button labelled ‘Add Product’ with Shopify sign, click on it. Demo picture shown below:


  • Now you will see list of your products from Shopify. Demo picture shown below:


  • Select product, you can change your Embed Type. Demo picture shown below:


  • Now you can publish your post. Demo picture shown below:


  • To display Shopify widget in sidebar. Go to Appearance > Widgets, select Shopify from the list available. Demo picture shown below:


  • Add product and save it. Now Shopify widget would be displayed.