Vanilla JS is most power and lightweight cross-platfrom framework1683

Author: InfoBeep - December 11, 2017 | subject to copyright

Vanilla JS is a fast, lightweight, cross-platform framework
for building incredible, powerful JavaScript applications.

The Vanilla JS team maintains every byte of code in the framework and works hard each day to make sure it is small and intuitive. Who’s using Vanilla JS? Glad you asked! Here are a few:

Facebook Google YouTube Yahoo Wikipedia Windows Live Twitter Amazon LinkedIn MSN eBay Microsoft Tumblr Apple Pinterest PayPal Reddit Netflix Stack Overflow

In fact, Vanilla JS is already used on more websites than jQuery, Prototype JS, MooTools, YUI, and Google Web Toolkit – combined.

Using “VanillaJS” means using plain JavaScript without any additional libraries like jQuery.

People use it as a joke to remind other developers that many things can be done nowadays without the need for additional JavaScript libraries.

For the most basics – w3schools

It is not the best resource, but it is the best one for total beginners especially ones who have 0 experience in programming, I usually start teaching my students who know only basics of HTML and CSS using w3schools program. It has short, clear description and examples.

P.S. w3schools is NOT related to W3C.

General Knowledge base – Mozilla Developer Network (MDN)

This is the #1 reference for any JS developer from beginners till very experienced ones. Go though each section, each article, each example. Go though each Object, each API, each method, each parameter. I promise you will find a lot of small tricks or cool functions you never heard about.

For example, one day I randomly was browsing Element documentation and found Element.getBoundingClientRect(). So you can find element’s position in viewport in 1 line of Vanilla JS without any jQuery, it’s cool, isn’t it? And that was not the only one example…

  • For beginners I recommend first going though JavaScript Tutorials and Guides.
  • Intermediate and Advanced sections worth reading even for engineers with experience.
  • After that proceed to Reference and learn all the JavaScript build-in features, language constructions, all objects and Web APIs.
  • Finally master your tools with the help of “Tools & resources” section.

You can register, contribute, translate MDN knowledge base!

For everyone who knows a bit of jQuery – You Might Not Need jQuery

This is a solid starting point for everyone who was working with jQuery. Today it is still very useful resource even for those who never used jQuery because it contains all the main JavaScript functions from AJAX till DOM manipulation in one place.

The best way to learn is to see (Videos)

The best way to learn is to see how others are coding. Go to GitHub and browse the source code of many JavaScript projects.