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WordPress is web publishing software. You can use it for creating your own websites or blogs. WordPress was released in 2003. It has become one of the most well-known web publishing platforms. In this period, from hobby blogs to some of the biggest news sites online, it powers nearly to 30 percent.

Even after that people don’t realize that Word press is much more than just a blogging tool. It is actually a highly flexible content management system. It helps you to make and manage your own websites by using just your web browser. Instead of all the things, it is totally free.

It is because WordPress is a project which is open source. It means that the thousands of clients from all around the world are frequently making and improving the code for the software of Word press. There are many plug-ins, widgets, and themes which help you to make just any kind of website you imagine.

Websites like HTML, PHP, and CSS has been created in programming languages for formatting text, creating page layouts, displaying images and so on. It is since the earliest days of the internet.

Then after, your web browser reads this code, display the content of a particular web page and interpreting those tags to render.

But in this period, you can simply install the software of WordPress on your own server in just about 5 minutes. Once it is completely installed, by using your favorite web browser you will log in to your site. After that without having to learn how to code, you can create a web page by using a simple editor.

There are even many hosting companies which help you to install Word press, and also it helps you to create your website with just a few clicks.

There are many reasons to say that WordPress is a great choice for creating your blog or website for a business

There are many people all around the world who are frequently working to improve WordPress because it is an open source. And it is also totally free because it is open source project.

There are many plug-ins and themes which helps you to easily change the entire look of your website. It even helps you to add new features to a mailing list, photo gallery, or an online store because it is incredibly extensible and flexible.

It is very easy to learn and use. You don’t need to call a web designer every time you want to have a small change on your website. Instead of that, you can update and create your own content very easily even without having to learn how to code.

Also if you know how to use the basic formatting tools in a program like Microsoft Word, you can easily edit your site.

If you suffer from any problem or if you want to add any custom features than you can easily find any support or call someone to help you. There are many WordPress developers and designers who can support you. The official Word press tutorials are a very useful place to get answers to any of the questions.

WordPress includes each and everything that you need to be sure that your content is fully optimized for search engines. This is very critical for the visibility of your site and online success. ”WordPress is made to do SEO well,” said Matt Cuts of Google.

The list given below is about some of the features that come as standard with WordPress. The actual functionality of it is nearly limitless because there are hundreds of plug-ins that shows what WordPress does. You are free to do anything you like to do with the code of WordPress.

You can extend it or you can modify it in your own way or you can use it for commercial projects without any fees for licensing. Free not only means for the price but also the freedom to take control over it.

Here are some of the features of it that we think you will like


It is being possible for you to get online and get published quickly through simplicity. Nothing should come in your way of getting up your website and your content out there. For making it happen, WordPress is created.


With the help of WordPress you can make any kind of website you like to create like a photo blog, a business website, a personal blog or website, a professional portfolio, a governmental website, a magazine or news website, network of the website, even an online community.

You can make your website more attractive by using themes and extend it with the help of plug-ins. You can even create your own application.

Publishing Tools

WordPress helps you to make it easy to manage your content, create drafts, publication of schedule, and look your post revisions. It helps you to make your content private or public. It also helps to secure your post and pages with password.

User management

Same access to your website is not required by everybody. The administrator works for managing the site, authors and contributor work to write that content, and subscribers manage the profile that they have.

This helps you to have many contributors to your website. And it also let others be the part of your community.

Media Management

People say that a picture says thousands of words. That’s why it is very important for you to be able to upload image easily and quickly to WordPress.

Just drag and drop your media into the uploader in order to add it to your website. In your content, add alt text, captions, and titles, and insert images and galleries.

Full Standard Compliance

Every code generated through the piece of WordPress is in full compliance with the standards set by the W3C. This shows that your website will work in today’s browser.

It will be while maintaining forward compatibility with the browser of next generation. Now and in the future, your website will be a beautiful thing.

Easy Theme System

Word press contains two default themes. If they aren’t for you then there is a dictionary of themes which contains thousands of themes for you. You can create a beautiful website by using those themes.

If you don’t like any of them then you can upload your own theme with the click of the button. To give your website a computer makeover, it only takes a few seconds for you.

Extend with Plug-in

For every user, WordPress comes in a pack full of features. For every other feature, there is a dictionary of a plug-in with thousands of plug-ins. Add spam protection, calendars, social media widgets, forums, social networking, and complex galleries; fine-tune controls for search engine optimization, and forms.


In more than 70 languages WordPress is available. If you or the person you are building the website for is having the problem in language that you can choose and use the language which you find easy to understand.

Easy Installation and Upgrades

WordPress is very easy to install and also to upgrade. By using an FTP program if you are happy, you can create a database, by using FTP upload WordPress, and run the installer.

If you are not familiar with FTP then there are plenty of web hosts offer one-click Word press installers that help you to install WordPress with just one click.


If you are using blog or website software that you are not happy with or if you are running your blog on a hosted service that is about to shut down than WordPress comes with importers for blogging, Live Journal, Movable Type, Tumbler, Type Pad, and WordPress.

If you are willing to have a move for it then we have made it easy to use for you.


The license has been given by the GPL to WordPress. It was made in order to protect your freedom. You are free to use the WordPress in the way you like to use. Use can install it, use it in your own way, you can modify it as in the way you like or you can distribute it in your own way. Word press is built on the foundation that is software freedom.


WordPress has an energetic and supportive community because it is most popular open source CMS on the web. To get help from volunteer you can ask any questions on the support forums.

To learn more about the WordPress you can attend a Word Camp or Meet up. You can read the blogs posts and tutorials about WordPress. The community is the heart of the WordPress which has made it what it is today.

WordPress website security

Security of WordPress website is also very important for the website owner. If you are really serious about your website then you should pay attention towards the best WordPress security.

Here are mentioned some of the ways of making WordPress security which will help you to protect your website against hackers.

Choose reputable hosting

A quality web host is very important to start a secure website. Here, we will focus on the two most popular ways for hosting your WordPress. One is Shared hosting and another one has managed WordPress hosting.

You will be in the charge of maintenance of the site, but with other, you will be sharing your web host, potentially with the users who are less security-conscious users.

While a reliable shared platform is provided by some popular host, you will not be able to control any unexpected security issues at the end of the host. The reputable host will, however, help you to get the issues quickly resolved.

In another side, managed WordPress hosting will help you to get relieved from much of the daily site maintenance and upkeep. Plug-in are pre-screened, backups are scheduled, servers are protected, and security updates are automatically performed. Knowing that your hosting is in the hands of the technicians who are experienced, you can sleep well at night.

Use a strong password

By default, login user called admin is created by WordPress. And people are warned for not using a weak password. Hackers will continuously try to log in to your site by the means of brute force attack i.e., trying to guess your username and password because hackers know all these facts.

To make it more secure, firstly change your password and make it strong. When you will be able to use an online password generator, a password manager such as 1password or Last Pass will help you to make long and difficult password without having it to be remembered.

And if your username is admin or administrator, you can switch it to something new. It can be anything like your name, your nickname, an email, or anything unique thing you like. But make sure that you set your user role to Administrator.

This step can be some long but it’s not too hard. Just you will need to log in as the new user, assign your existing content to it, after that you can delete the old administration user. That’s all, and you will be more secure and you will be more secure to boot.

Carry out regular, scheduled backups

Backups are copies of your website of WordPress. They are stored in a safe location. They are required for replacing your site with the attempt of hacking or going back to the changes if an update goes wrong.

To the end, offers like multiple locations, such as Dropbox and other cloud providers are provided by many backup solutions. It means that you can keep many copies of your backups away from your main server. You can get it back quickly by online if it is needed.

Block malicious login attempt

As we have said above, attacks of brute force are the common problem for website owners. In order to make your site safe from these hacks, you will just need a plug-in that blocks malicious logins. For example, if anyone will try to log in your website, the Jet pack plugin’s Protect feature will automatically record the IP address.

If you are not willing to use Jetpack then you can use the targeted plug-in like ‘’Cerber Security and Limit Login Attempts’’ which is another best option. Many other famous security plugins like Word fence Security and Themes Security also gives this functionality as a high-quality feature.

Scan your site for (and potentially eradicate) malware

Malware is not a new word to WordPress, but it is still necessary for the user to make its mark every day. This software is specifically launched to intrude your website and get your file an unauthorized data. It is generally installed unknowingly via a corrupted file, despite the fact that certain notices can also contain malware.

It can understand your login data, steal your private information, create spam, or seize your computer. Some users also use malware to begin Direct Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks. So make sure that clearing your site should be your first importance.

Keep on top of WordPress, theme and plugin updates

The most recent version of WordPress itself performs small security updates while leaving you to install the vital ones manually. And also you will need to keep plugins and themes up to date.

If it shows up on the WordPress update screen hackers can still make an advantage of any security use even if you are not currently using theme or plugins.

In short, it is necessary to update repeatedly. Woefully, to ensure that you are notified if theme or plugin has not been updated in a while, there is no automatic way. It makes it more important security aspect to be kept in the top.

Implement a two-factor authentication (2FA) solution

Two-Factor authentication (2FA) is a security measure which comes sharply into vision recently. Many big online companies like Google and Facebook use this technology in order to help you to protect the account.

When you will go to log into your account, you will be said to verify your identity through the smart device. Without that permission, you will be locked out. This is an essential technology for the person who values the security of their site. It is very easy for WordPress users to implement.

Two Factor Authentication plugins are our personal recommendation for making a start with 2FA. In order to generate a passcode on your device, this tool uses the Google Authenticator app. It is even very easy to set up. Some large security plugins like Word fence Security and Automatic’s Jetpack also includes 2FA as a premium feature and also offers a secure, free authentication option.

Restrict user access to your WordPress website

For the various people who use your site, WordPress user roles are essential in setting boundaries. For example, your site has been completely been accessed by Administrators, whereas own account details can be edited by the subscribers, but nothing more than that. If you incorrectly set up your roles, you could provide improper access (knowingly or unknowingly) to those who might damage your site.

Luckily, you should not have to figure out your ideal user ranking alone. Below some points are given for getting it right:

Get attached to one Administrator account if it is possible.

Keep a small group of Editors and make sure you cooperate with them regularly.

Make a smart theme and plug-in choices

Until you are fully experienced with WordPress, for the time you should start downloading plugins and themes from WordPress.org Plugins Dictionary and Theme Dictionary respectively. You can also get that from the reputable premium provider, such as Studio Press, Theme Forest, or Elegant Themes.

Picking the right one is not so much difficult because there are thousands of themes and plugins to choose from. Have good reviews and ratings from other WordPress users by looking for those that have been updated within the last few months.

If you are not sure about how secure your currently installed themes are then you can install and run the Theme Authenticity Checker plugin. It will help you to find whether you need to make a change or not.

It can be attractive to add more and more plugins to your site but prevent yourself from the problems. You can install plug-in and theme because new security exploits are discovered every day. It also increases your exposure to the problems of security in the future.

If you were looking for the tool that will make you easy to create your own website or blog without having to learn how to code, you will love to use WordPress.

You will find that WordPress is very flexible, with thousands of plugins, themes, and support option to make sure that your site will be with you even in the future days.

We hope that the information we have provided to you is helpful.