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Author: InfoBeep - May 6, 2018 | subject to copyright

While starting a blog, many beginners of WordPress feel difficulty in customizing or changing the layout of the page on their website. Different page layouts come with a lot of premium WordPress themes. For those who do not code (HTML/CCS), those are very difficult to customize.

This is the reason behind the users asking the questions like: “Is there an easy drag and drop for WordPress page builder?” and “how the WordPress can be made drag and drop?”

Well, for WordPress there are much popular drags and drop page builder plugins available. Without writing a single line of code, it allows you to customize every component on your site. More than 700, 000 users have joined it.

Components may be anything like parallax backgrounds, content slider, adding multiple columns, full-width images and so on. As block to build the user’s own layout within their own theme of WordPress, they can use these components.

There are many WordPress page builders in the market like Beaver builder, Divi, Themify Builder, page builder by site origin and so on. Without writing any code, a WordPress page builder lets you customize, edit, and create the layout of your site.

In comparison to all these WordPress builders, elementor is one of the best.

Elementor is one of the powerful page builders of drag and drop WordPress. It is built from the ground up to speed and you will immediately get to know how responsive as well as fast it is.

You will get to see the live of your page as you edit it with the Elementor. It is because it is a live page builder. You can just create the selections and for each section, you can select the number of columns.

The pro version of it is of three types: Personal, business, and unlimited.

The personal is of $49 and it is only for one site. Business is of $99 and it is for 3 sites. The unlimited is very popular and it is of $199. It is for unlimited sites.

One year of support and updates are provided in all three types and all the pro features are included.

You can display your favorite and most interesting projects and posts in millions of possible ways. You can use the advanced features which help to show the exact contents which you want the visitors to see first.

Well, you can also save your widget as a global widget. In many areas on your website, you will be able to add it. You can even add it to your entire website. It will instantly be updated in all places if you change it once.

You can even use the Widgets Menu or a WordPress Customizer for easily inserting templates to the sidebars, footers or other areas. With a built-in short-code or widgets, it is easily done.

The pro version of the elementor is advanced than the free version. You will get all the features which are already in a free version as well as some more advanced features like:

24+ pro widgets

More than 24 widgets are provided with the pro version which will stand out, post, including forms, menu and more.

75+ pro templates

You can choose from the list of the templates that are created by the designers which use the feature creative with the pro widgets inside.

Premium support

You can count on the successful team of the customer of the Elementor which is directly supervised by the developers.

Accelerate Marketing

You can easily be connected to social media channels, email marketing service, and zapier.

Speed up Workflow

Set of features are provided for you. You can use the provided features which will help you to speed up the flow of your work. It will help you to complete the full project much faster.

Boost scales

Woo Commerce, forms and more can be combined for driving more scales and conversion to your website.

You can do a total customization over the layout with the help of elementor.

Here is some of the customization which can be done:

Resize columns

You can simply grab one of the corners and drag it until the column is in the right position. You can easily add more columns to the row by choosing from the default settings. It will give you complete control over width and height of the column.

Column and Content Position

With the help of elementor you can decide the position of the column to the top, center, and bottom of the section or you can even stretch it out to the whole section. Within the column of the same manner, you can also position the content. This feature helps you to create a design which is much more customized.

Padding and Margin setting

By using a px, EM or %, you can set a margin and a padding for sections.  The heading may be seen too large in mobile if you are not using % or EM. You can take a full advantage of various scaling possibilities by using the dynamic size setting.

Column Gap

In order to let your design breathe, change the gaps between the columns. There are different column layouts which you can try out by changing gaps at once and you can decide which one is the best. This setting is simple but amazing.

There are many design helpers of it such as heading, image, video, divider, image box, Google maps, spacer, icon, image gallery and so on.

Extendable and Developer friendly

The freedom to customize and extend is offered by the elementor to the developers. The one who doesn’t want to be chained to the theme, it is very useful for those users.

  • Open source

Released as open source and GPL, the chance to extend and improve it is given to the developers by the users.

  • High-quality code

The quality of the plugins is dependent on the code in which it is built on. With the best code architecture in mind, the elementor is built with.

  • SEO Optimized

On the most recommended coding standards, elementor is based on, making your pages SEO optimized out of the box.

  • Translation and RTL

Languages and RTL pages are fully supported by the Elementor. Translation plugins like Polylang and WPML are also supported by it.

  • Born For Expanding

For incorporating the new widgets, plugins, and integrations, elementor uses the power of the WordPress community.

  • Custom CSS

For the rows, sections, columns, and widgets you can create your own custom CSS. You can easily add them to your page.

You will get a 30 days money back guarantee. If you don’t feel comfortable using it than you can return it and no any questions will be asked.

Through MasterCard, visa card, American express and discover card it can be purchased. It is trusted by top professionals of the WordPress like Adam Preiser (WordPress educator) and Luke Cavanagh (Web Developer).