Woo-commerce new features 2018408

Author: InfoBeep - May 14, 2018 | subject to copyright

Woo-commerce is the most popular e-commerce platform in the world powering over 28% of the online stores. E-commerce has been transformed by the WooCommerce in the WordPress. The stores which are made with WooCommerce are extendable as well as super flexible with many other plugins.

Even though, choosing a right theme for your website is very important for building your e-commerce sites attractive. Even if you have installed a WooCommerce on your system you may not get the result as you have desired. It may be because of not using a quality theme for your website.

As much as choosing a WooCommerce as an e-commerce is important, choosing a quality theme is also important.

In this article, we will make you familiar with some of the features of WooCommerce. You can choose from them for your website.

  1. Setup Wizard

The process of setup has become even more streamlined for the users which are new to WooCommerce. And not only that, there are more options of the store gateway offered in a setup wizard. It means less work to get a running and a store up.

  1. Orders Screen

Orders screen has been cleaned up by the WooCommerce. You can notice that unclear icons have been taken out and how easy the interference is to read through.

Now it has colorful as well as large status indicator buttons and now it is very easy to understand the action icons.

In addition to it, you can find an eye icon which is sitting directly to the left of the order date.

When you will click on the eye, a popup will give you an overview of the order details in a high-level as well as it will also help you for editing the status right from within the popup.

  1. Product Stock Management

Under product setup, there is a new option available called “Manage stock?”

When you click on it, the quantity available will be manually updated and it gives customers the option of putting an item on backorder which the level of stock is completely out or very low.

With the updates of the orders screen, you will also have a better view of what is happening with your product. In this case, it shows how clearly the availability of the stock is displayed.

You will see the backordered items will be shown up in orange. It will let you know when inventory needs to be reloaded.

  1. Customer Downloads Report

For those of you who sell digital content on your site of WordPress, there is a new report available.

When you will navigate to the Reports screen, click on “Orders” and then click on a “Customer downloads”. By clicking on it, you will find out more about by whom and when your content is being downloaded.

  1. Compatibility with Non-WooCommerce Themes

This is most fancy update. We have improved the way of rendering of WooCommerce on themes which formally don’t declare the support of WooCommerce. So with any of the themes from WordPress.org, you should be able to use WooCommerce.

We can verify the fact that my WooCommerce seems to be fine with my theme of a WordPress; even though, in the past, they were well matched.

If you are willing to move towards a new WordPress theme and you are worried about its similarity with WooCommerce (if it is not clearly well-matched), we will recommend you to test well before downloading a theme. If you are being unable to do that with a premium theme of a WordPress then go for a theme developer for a confirmation that it will work well.

  1. Image setting

A new module will appear in your Customizer tool when a WooCommerce is activated in WordPress-regardless of the theme which you use.

For providing users a better control over thumbnail generation and an image sizing, WooCommerce has updated the option here.

As you see here, it is not a serious change, but manually it will make you free from having to resize your thumbnails or to install other plugins to do it for you.

  1. Customizer Live Updates

You should be sure to look at what is being with the tab of “Product Catalog” if even now you are in the Customizer scoping out the new image settings.

But you should note that, when you update how you want to display your store and products, right now the changes are reflected in a “live” display.

  1. Extensions search

When your online store will be upgraded, you may notice that from a number of extensions, your WooCommerce plugins will be benefited. In this release, right within a WordPress, it has made it even easier to search for them.

Under your sidebar of a WooCommerce in a WordPress, you will find a tab of “Extensions”. Simply visit the tab and use a search function for finding out the extension which you need.

  1. Developer Features

Especially for developers of WordPress, there are three latest functions. It is very flexible and usable. Briefly, here you can have a forward look to:

  • Improvements made to web hooks
  • You can now actively search for logs within a database logger if you use it
  • For using in your live as well as demo store, more standard samples are available.

Well, above mentioned are some of the upgraded features of WooCommerce. We hope this article will be helpful for you.