New updates on Google search console 2018256

Author: InfoBeep - May 23, 2018 | subject to copyright

Few months ago, Google has started rolling out a new beta version of a Google Search Console for selecting users. On January 8th, 2018, it has notified on its Webmaster Central Blog that the beta version of it will be released to verified users of Google Search Console.

In over 12 years, it is the biggest update to the Google Search Console tool. For better communication between the Google and a website owner, Google wants to provide a more transparency into it’s facilitate and indexing.

By making these changes, Google aims for helping users for resolving the issues faster, optimizing the presence of a website on Google search.

Google has said that it will continue rolling out the updates for Search Console throughout the year. Simultaneously, both of the version of it will be live until the roll-out of the new version of it is complete.

New updates of it include:

  • Job Posting Status report
  • AMP Status report
  • Index Coverage report
  • Search Performance report

Job Posting Status report

Ultimately, for websites that post job listings Google has a new Job Posting report. If only the Google finds Job Posting rich results on your site, it will be visible. But right now, it is only available in a fixed area.

This report shows stats of job listing results for your site. If there’s made any fixes or updates to this pages and have re-validated them, you can notify Google. In this report spikes in fault or a drop in total items are easily made visible.

As like the AMP status report, the Job Status Report gives warnings for page with possible issues which are indexed yet. This is another tool which Google is providing webmasters for recognizing and addressing issues before they become errors.

AMP status report

This report helps in identifying and fixing the errors and preventing AMP pages from being appeared in Google Search Console result. It makes the group of the URLs which have issues by issue. Likewise, for identifying issues, the AMP status report helps to analyze the problem and test the AMP URL after the fixing.

When identifying of an issue is completed, you can notify Google for authorizing the fix. It will drag and reprocess the sites which are identified with a main priority without having to wait for the usual crawl. Resolving of the issues is made faster by this process.

Likewise, for identifying errors, this report gives warnings for pages which have critical issues which are indexed yet. Before being identified as errors, Google is trying for assisting webmasters in addressing issues.

The status report of AMP also helps you in identifying missing AMP pages and for watching error spikes. For this report, Google is also providing a share button.

Index Coverage Report

With the new Index Coverage report, Google has made updates for the Index Status report.  This report makes the webmasters to see how well Google is making indexing URLs from their site. It just not only makes a listing properly indexed URLs, but also gives warnings to webmasters about indexing issues.

It also explains about why Google is not indexing some URLs. Google also provides functionality of an issue tracking. It helps for making a webmasters alerts when it detects new errors and also helps in monitoring the progress of fixes.

Google include many new features which help in facilitating indexing issues of fixing.

  • You are allowed for clicking any error URL for bringing up the details of the pages with a links for diagnostic tools for understanding the source of the issue much better.
  • Fixing issues frequently involves multiple teams. Because of this, Google has also made a share button for creating a shareable link to this report.
  • You will be able for validating the fix and resubmitting the URL for indexing after resolving the errors.
  • For focusing on an exact list of the URLs, over Index Coverage data, you can use the new sitemap filter.

Search Performance Report

The new Search Performance report focuses on improving on the Search Analytics report. Recently, only three months of Search data was achieved. The data of 16 months is included in the new report. The increase lets the users for making year-over-year comparisons and analyzes the longer term trends.

This report shows you impressions, CTR, clicks, and an average position. All the data by the site are aggregated by the Search Performance report, except when there is appearance of grouping by page or sites.

Now you will be able to filter the data by multiple sides, including image, web, or video search results. Likewise, by the page, country, query, device and search type, you can segment. This new report will help you for comparing a data between two exact values in any one side of a group.

For example, if you have a mobile and non-mobile version of your site, you can do a comparison of the total searches on your mobile site for mobile searches on your desktop site. At present, you are only able to compare a data in one side at a time. If you add a new comparison, the existing comparison will be removed. Google has said that it will soon make this data available by the means of Search Console APL.